Dec 19, 2011

When Will it End?

As much as we love our show, we come to the realization that sooner or later, Seinfeld will no longer be aired in syndication. It's been 13 years since the show ended, and thankfully it's still shown daily on TBS and your local Fox station. But at some point, the show will be removed from our daily TV schedule and officially become a relic of the past. So the question is, when? Let's hope it's later rather than sooner, but we are coming closer and closer as the years go by. And while the show still seems somewhat relevant to modern times, it's becoming less and less so through the years.

Your thoughts?

Dec 14, 2011

Kramer's feelings on LA

seductress ... siren ... virgin ... whore!

Dec 10, 2011

Reflections from Jerry Stiller

Jerry owning suspenders guy

Nov 30, 2011

Looks like jay can get back to business

Kramer: It's a verbal contract. We had a deal.
Elaine: No we didn't. You take these things too literally. It's like saying, you're hungry enough to eat a horse.
Kramer: Well, my friend Jay Reimenschneider eats horse all the time. He gets it from his butcher.

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Nov 3, 2011

Slippery Nihilist

Peter Stormar, who plays "Slippery Pete" in The Frogger from Season 9 is also the lead nihilist in The Big Lebowski.


Oct 29, 2011

Oct 27, 2011

Mary Heart, seizures, et al.

In the season three episode The Good Samaritan we witness Kramer suffer a seizure when hearing Mary Heart's voice.

This is actually something you should look out for, as in 1991, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that Mary Hart's voice had triggered seizures in an epileptic woman.

Oct 21, 2011

A country divided

Nice representation from Del Boca Vista

Oct 20, 2011

Notes on "The Invitations"

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, a confessed fan of the show, long portrayed on Seinfeld by the voice of Larry David, filmed scenes for a guest appearance in this episode, but none of the footage made it to air. Reportedly, Steinbrenner disapproved of the morbid plot twist in which Susan is killed; and the gang's apparent indifference towards it. Steinbrenner has publicly stated his objections to the story several times, and said that is the reason he refused to allow his cameo to be shown.

Oct 18, 2011

Babs Kramer

Interesting background info for Kramer's mother

She was known for being 20th Century Fox's answer to Marilyn Monroe from 1954 to 1956.


Oct 11, 2011

Seinfeld character map

This one may take the cake! Click for larger view...

Sep 6, 2011

Sep 1, 2011

Aug 31, 2011

Stream very episode!

Not sure how this has passed me by, but here is the ultimate resource, organized by season:

Watch em all

Well done, kind sirs.

Jul 28, 2011

MI Bottle Scam

One of the best (and worst) schemes hatched by Kramer and Newman...

Scene 1:

NEWMAN: Wait a minute. You mean you get five cents here, and ten cents there. You could round up bottles here and run 'em out to Michigan for the difference.
KRAMER: No, it doesn't work.
NEWMAN: What d'you mean it doesn't work? You get enough bottles together...
KRAMER: Yeah, you overload your inventory and you blow your margins on gasoline. Trust me, it doesn't work.
JERRY: Hey, you're not talking that Michigan deposit bottle scam again, are you?
KRAMER: No, no, I'm off that.
NEWMAN: You tried it?
KRAMER: Oh yeah. Every which way. Couldn't crunch the numbers. It drove me crazy.

Scene 2:

NEWMAN: I don't understand. You fill an eighteen-wheeler?
KRAMER: No, an eighteen-wheeler's no good. Too much overhead. You got permits, weigh-stations, tolls... Look, you're way outta your league.
NEWMAN: I wanna learn. I want to know why.

Scene 3:

KRAMER: A free truck? Oh boy, that completely changes our cost structure. Our G and A goes down fifty percent.
NEWMAN: We carry a coupla bags of mail, and the rest is ours!
KRAMER: Newman, you magnificent bastard, you did it!

Jul 10, 2011

Fictitious Seinfeld Episode Plots

Very fun Twitter feed of plots for shows that never (but could have) happened. I hear he takes requests!

Check it out here.

Jun 14, 2011

May 10, 2011

Jerry's Archives

Jerry is posting three of his own favorite stand-up bits a day on

In his words:

When I was ten years old, I started watching stand up comedians on TV. I fell in love with them and I'm just as fascinated with stand up comedy today. When I started doing TV, I saved every appearance on every show I did. I thought it might be fun to go through all of it and pick out three bits each day that still amuse me for some reason or another. I've also included stuff I'm doing now, and I'll be adding new stuff as I go. Somewhere out there are ten year olds like I was just waiting to get hooked on this strange pursuit. This is for them. I'm just hoping somehow it will keep this silliness going.

May 6, 2011

The sociology of seinfeld

Yes, it's a real college course! Click for course description.

The best part:

Due to the high demand of the class, we will administer a Seinfeld trivia quiz on the first day to see who makes it. 17 spots allocated for upper division and 15 spots allocated for lower division.

thanks erik!

May 5, 2011

Jerry's first national tv appearance

Clip from 1977. Check out the glasses - and the much thicker NY accent.

thanks to boblord!

Apr 25, 2011

Apr 18, 2011

Prognosis Negative!

"Prognosis: Negative" - the film Elaine wants to see with Jerry, is also the name of an unproduced screenplay Larry David wrote in which the main character wrongly assumes a negative medical prognosis is a bad thing.

Which must have also spurred this one:

GEORGE: This is George Costanza, I'm calling for my test results. Negative? Oh, my God. WHY! WHY! WHY? What? What? Negative is good?

Apr 13, 2011

The Sniffing Accountant

This episode was actually based on a true story. In real life, Jerry Seinfeld's accountant stole money (about $50,000) from him to buy drugs, thus inspiring the main plotline for this episode.

"My accountant, whose name I won’t mention (not that he doesn’t deserve the infamy) stole I think fifty thousand dollars from me, and snorted it up his nose...[I] just gave him an envelope of cash, and never saw it again. And I used to talk about that guy and how much I hated him, so he became the Sniffing Accountant. That was some measure of revenge."

Apr 12, 2011

The Real soup nazi opening up shop in SF

Better start brushing up on your ordering skills.

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Apr 9, 2011

Michael Richards Retrospective

Terrible...yet amazing. Let's revisit.

Mar 31, 2011

One last episode

In the spirit of the Curb-Sein reunion, thought it was time to revisit the "last last" show. It really was like getting one more Sein episode, 11 years later!

Peterman reality tour

The idea for this storyline was inspired by the real Kenny Kramer who, to capitalize on the success of his fictional counterpart, began a "Kramer Reality Bus Tour." In it, Kenny Kramer drives tourists around to sites that were also mentioned on the show while sharing anecdotes about his own life.

Big trouble in little seinfeld

Mar 30, 2011

Mar 17, 2011

Bracket Time!

Click for larger view...

Mar 7, 2011

Julia Louis-Dreyfus 5th Greatest TV Chick

5. Elaine Benes
'Seinfeld' (1990-98) | Played By: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
From her biting quips to her famous "Get out!" shoves, Elaine always let her male cohorts -- Jerry, Kramer and George -- know that she was the one with the hand in the group.

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Mar 3, 2011

Epic Blooper Reel

Awesome outtakes!

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3 - Part 1
Season 3 - Part 2
Season 4 - Part 1
Season 4 - Part 2
Season 4 - Part 3
Season 5 - Part 1
Season 5 - Part 2

Larry David Sighting

Another LD cameo ... this time as the voice of the car thief in The Alternate Side from season 3:

Car thief: Hello?
Jerry: Hello? Is this 555-8383?
Car thief: I have no idea.
Jerry: Can I ask you a question?
Car thief: Sure.
Jerry: Did you steal my car?
Car thief: Yes I did.
Jerry: You did?!
Car thief: I did.
Jerry: That's my car!
Car thief: I didn't know it was yours.
Jerry: What are you gonna do with it?
Car thief: I dunno, drive around.
Jerry: Then can I have it back?
Car thief: Mmmm, nah, I'm gonna keep it.

Feb 17, 2011

RIP, Uncle Leo

You'll be missed

Bringing back an older post in memoriam:

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Feb 13, 2011


Ukraine is weak

Jerk store



Feb 8, 2011

Jerry Rants

A few classic Jerry rants...

JERRY: I can't take it anymore! She's driving me crazy! I can't sleep, I can't leave the house, and I'm here, I'm climbin the walls. Meanwhile, I'm dating a virgin, I'm in this contest - something's gotta give!

JERRY: I don't know what to believe! You're eating unions, you're spotting dimes, I don't know what the hell is going on.

JERRY: George, this is a little too much for me - escaped convicts, fugitive sex...I got a cockfight to focus on.

Jan 21, 2011

Nexus of the Universe

KRAMER: Hey, I'm on first and first. How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe.