Jan 19, 2010


A secondary character that doesn't always get his due, Jerry's Uncle Leo appeared in 15 total episodes. His name is never revealed, only referred to as simply Uncle Leo. In an episode where Leo signs for a package of Jerry's, he actually signs it "Uncle Leo". In another episode, Jerry mentions Leo to Kramer. Kramer is initially confused, but upon remembering he says, "Oh, yeah. Right. Uncle Leo. Forgot his first name." He often brags about his son Jeffrey who works in the parks department (and is never actually seen on the show). When talking to people, he has a tendency to grab the person's arm and pull them in close - one of his many uncomfortable mannerisms.

(thanks to joeshea for inspiration)

Jan 5, 2010

Best ever?

George: The sea was angry that day, my friends - like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli. I got about fifty feet out and suddenly the great beast appeared before me. I tell you he was ten stories high if he was a foot. As if sensing my presence, he let out a great bellow. I said, "Easy, big fella!" And then, as I watched him struggling, I realized that something was obstructing its breathing. From where I was standing, I could see directly into the eye of the great fish.

Jerry: Mammal.

George: Whatever.

Kramer: Well, what did you do next?

George: Well then, from out of nowhere, a huge tidal wave lifted me, tossed me like a cork, and I found myself right on top of him - face to face with the blowhole. I could barely see from the waves crashing down upon me but I knew something was there. So I reached my hand in, felt around, and pulled out the obstruction.

Kramer: What is that, a Titleist? ... hole in one, huh?