Dec 21, 2009

Random one time friends

Sometimes random friends of Jerry and Elaine pop up once, then are never seen or heard from again. For example, Jerry's poker friends in The Opposite and Elaine's girlfriends in The Cigar Store Indian. Who are these people? All we know is they appear in single episodes, and then - like the wind - are never heard from again.

Dec 17, 2009

Location of Jerry's apartment

Dec 16, 2009


Dec 10, 2009

Jerry and George projects

Over the seasons, George and Jerry devised a number of shameless schemes to get what they wanted. A few are listed below, click titles for show descriptions.

- The Race - pretending not to have seen each other since high school and recount race winner
- The Roommate Switch - seeking to do the impossible
- The Marine Biologist - notable because George didn't know about this one until after Jerry rolled it out
- The Summer of George - George uses his newly found time to act as Jerry's relationship intern
- The Burning - George has Jerry use the same "it's me" line as his girlfriend, and Jerry has George practice showmanship and "leave on a high note"

Dec 4, 2009

Unseen characters

Great list of mentioned but never seen Seinfeld characters:

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