Nov 6, 2009

Product placement?

Rold Gold pretzels ... ever wonder if the inclusion of George eating Rold Gold pretzels (quite prominently) was a coincidence? From an "internet" reference:

Okay, so what's the deal with Rold Gold pretzels? Jason Alexander's Rold Gold TV ad spots first aired in September 1993 — the same month he was seen eating the pretzels on the show (in episode 64). Isn't that a little fishy? "That was definitely a coincidence," says Monica Neufang, PR manager at Frito-Lay, parent company of Rold Gold. "As the number-one pretzel in the U.S., it's natural that if you're going to grab for a pretzel to be on the show, you're going to go with the leader." HMMMMMM.

And further investigation:

A recurring feature of Seinfeld was its use of specific products as plot points, especially various candy products. These products might be a central feature of a plot narrative (e.g. Junior Mints, Twix and Pez), or associating the candy with a guest character (e.g. Oh Henry! bars), or simply discussing the merits of the candy in a conversational aside (e.g. Chuckles). Examples of non-candy products featured in Seinfeld are Rold Gold pretzels (whose advertisements at the time featured Jason Alexander), Kenny Rogers Roasters (a chicken restaurant chain), Drake's Coffee Cakes, Bosco, Snapple, Specialized Bicycles, Ovaltine, Arby's, TV Guide, the board game Risk, Entenmann's and the J. Peterman clothing catalog (which actually went bankrupt whilst the show was still active). The computers in Jerry's apartment are always Apple Computers, which were changed every few seasons.


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