Aug 27, 2009

Say Vandelay! Say Vandelay!

George's famous alter ego - Art Vandelay - appeared in (at least) nine episodes, starting with episode #2 in 1990 and ending with the finale. Usually an architect, the name also sometimes played the role of Vandelay Industries, usually involved in latex.

- The Stakeout - 5/31/90 (2nd episode)
George uses Vandelay for the first time when Jerry tries to meet a woman at her office building. They say they are meeting an Art Vandelay for lunch, which Jerry mistakes as Corvelay.

- The Red Dot - 12/11/91
During an on the spot job interview with Mr. Lippman, George claims to have read "Venetian Blinds" by Art Vandelay, who is an obscure beatnik writer in the Village.

- The Boyfriend (1) - 2/12/92
At the unemployment office, George claims to be interviewing with Vandelay Industries, who is in latex manufacturing.

- The Pilot (1) - 5/20/93
In the pilot for "Jerry", the above is acted out.

- The Cadillac (2) - 1/25/96
George suggests to Elaine to use Art Vandelay as the name of her boyfriend, who is an importer-exporter.

- The Bizarro Jerry - 10/3/96
George claims to have an appointment with Art Vandelay when trying to meet the office receptionist.

- The Serenity Now - 10/9/97
During the sales competition with Lloyd Braun, George makes a sales call to Art Vandelay, who buys two dozen computers.

- The Puerto Rican Day - 5/7/98
George uses the name in order to see an apartment for sale in order to use the bathroom. There he meets H.E. Pennypacker and Kel Varnson.

- The Finale - 5/14/98
The judge trying their case is named none other than Art Vandelay.


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