Aug 24, 2009

Caught Boozin'

Speaking of booze, the big four rarely took a drink. Here are a few select moments they were caught throwin' em back - usually against their will or out of character moments (but never involving Jerry).

- George drinking with Texas Rangers executives (The Hut Tub - 1995).
- Elaine with 6 pack of Bud slung over her back - then opens one at Jerry's (The Postponement - 1995).
- Elaine drinking Schnapps with Jerry at Monk's (to get her to open her vault).
- Elaine drinking scotch while Kramer tells her story of Billy Mumphrey (The Betrayal - 1997).
- Kramer celebrating at the bar with cast of Scarsdale Surprise (The Summer Of George - 1997)
- Kramer telling stories at bar, Elaine stops him because he sold them to Peterman (The Van Buren Boys - 1997).
- Kramer drinking Hennigans testing for odors (The Red Dot - 1991).
- Kramer drinking sake with the Japanese in the hot tub (The Checks - 1996).
- Kramer drinking beer and smoking a cigarette with the Jerry's accountant (The Sniffing Accountant - 1993).


  1. does he drink in real life?